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12 Best Things to Do in Corfu for an Unforgettable Getaway

Corfu Boat West Coast

Corfu is an island located west of mainland Greece, in the Ionian Sea. It has mountainous regions and beautiful landscapes with rugged cliffs in the northwest and lush forest in the northeast. In Corfu you can find a mix of breathtaking hikes, historical sites, picturesque beaches, and delicious food. With a large range of activities, a visit to Corfu is perfect for someone looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation. Below is a list of the 12 best things to do in Corfu, Greece for an unforgettable getaway. Continue reading for more information to help you plan your trip including how many days you need in Corfu, where to stay in Corfu, and how to get around Corfu.

Guide to Corfu: Contents

12 Best Things to Do in Corfu

1. Hike to Porto Timoni Beach

Porto Timoni Beach Corfu

One of the best things to do in Corfu is to hike down to Porto Timoni Beach. The 1-mile steep, rocky path is best to hike in sneakers. On the way down you will see an incredible view of the twin beaches. The beach is separated into two sections with trees in between. On the left side the waves are bigger and you can get a nice breeze, while the other side is in a bay so it is perfect for swimming and relaxing. 

The beach can get very busy during the day so the best times to visit are early in the morning or just before sunset. We decided to visit in the evening a couple of hours before sunset and the beach was clearing out at this time. The lighting was amazing and we were able to find an area higher up on the rocks to sit and enjoy the views.

2. Rent a Boat from Palaiokastritsa to Explore the West Coast of Corfu

Paleokastritsa Corfu
Best Things to Do in Corfu

Renting a boat in Corfu is one of the top things to do if you want to see the secluded beaches on the west coast of the island. You do not need a boat license to operate a boat under 30hp in Greece, making it a perfect way to see more of the coastline. The west coast of Corfu is known for its rugged cliffs, sea caves, and stunning beaches. The clear water offers the perfect opportunity to snorkel, so make sure to bring your snorkel gear! I used this snorkel set in Corfu which fit well and let me explore Corfu under the sea. Caution: When we explored this coastline we saw several small jellyfish. We still swam since we could see the jellyfish with our goggles and could stay away from them. 

There are several boat rental companies that operate out of Alipa Port in Palaiokastritsa. Popular boat rental companies include Mariolis Boat Rental, Popeye Boat Rentals, Mpoukas boat trips & Rentals, Triton Marine Tours, and Dinos Boat Rentals. You can contact most boat rental companies directly through Whatsapp to check availability and prices. Keep in mind that if the water conditions are not good they may not rent boats for the day. In order to not miss out on one of the best things to do in Corfu make sure to reserve a boat in advance.

3. Eat Lunch at Porto Timoni Restaurant

Porto Timoni restaurant is located in Afionas, at the entrance to one of the paths to Porto Timoni beach. Not only is the view beautiful, the food is delicious! During our three weeks in Greece the best food we ate was at this restaurant. The restaurant offers views over Agios Georgios Beach and is the perfect place to get food before or after visiting Porto Timoni Beach. 

4. Klimatia Beach and Limni Beach

Klimatia Secluded Beach
Limni Beach Corfu

Corfu has many breathtaking beaches, but many of them can get crowded in the summer. Limni Beach and Klimatia Beach are two beaches that require a short hike to get to, making them less busy than other nearby beaches. 

To get to these beaches you will park along the road parallel to the beach and follow the path through an olive grove. Make sure to download google maps ahead of time so you can see your GPS location relative to these beaches to help navigate yourself there. 

Limni Beach has two sides, one facing the open sea and the other facing a bay with a view of Paleokastritsa. Klimatia Beach is a smaller rocky cove that offers a quieter option and also has nice views of the cliffs and Paleokastritsa. The rocky beaches are hard to walk on barefoot, so make sure to bring walking sandals that you can wear in the water. Make sure to bring anything you need for your time here such as water, sunscreen, and a towel as there are no services on these beaches. 

5. Watch the Sunset on the West Coast of Corfu

One of the best things to do in Corfu is to watch the sunset on the west coast of the island. A popular spot to watch the sunset is the viewpoint at the beginning of the path to Porto Timoni Beach. You can also watch the sunset while eating dinner at Anemos, a restaurant in Afionas with the perfect sunset view. Many beaches along the west coast of Corfu would also be great for sunset including Loggas Beach and Paralia Agios Stefanos.

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6. Walk Around the Old Town of Corfu

Corfu Town
Old Fortress Corfu

A must-do during your Corfu vacation is a visit to the Old Town of Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While in Corfu Town make sure to visit the New Fortress, the Old Fortress, Corfu Museum of Asian Art and Spianada Square. For a small fee you can walk up to the Old Fortress and enjoy great views of Corfu Town. Spend time exploring the Old Town of Corfu which is known for its venetian architecture. You can find many shops, cafes, and restaurants around the town and it is a great place to spend a few hours.

7. Cape Drastis Viewpoint

Cape Drastis Corfu

Located on the nothwest corner of the island, Cape Drastis has sharp white cliffs surrounded by turquoise water. There is a short walk to a viewpoint of Cape Drastis but no way to hike directly down to Cape Drastis due to the steep cliffs. The path past the viewpoint continues to a small cove where you can swim between the rocks and reserve a boat trip around Cape Drastis. The viewpoint is a must-see but there is no need to walk down to the small cove, especially if you are short on time.

8. Rent a Boat to Explore the Northeast Coast of Corfu

Corfu Getaway

Many of the beaches on the northeast coast of Corfu can only be accessed by boat so renting a boat is one of the best things to do if you want to explore this part of the island. We rented a boat from Katie’s Boats in Agios Stefanos and had a great experience renting from them. There are restrictions to how far you can go with each boat rental company but the area on this side of the island is large enough to explore for the day. You will find small coves and scenic beaches with lush forests as well as views of the mountains in Albania. We anchored the boat in different coves and swam onto secluded beaches, snorkeled, and relaxed on the boat with beautiful views of Corfu. Don’t forget your snorkel gear!

9. Eat dinner at a local Greek Tavern

One of the best things to do in Corfu is to enjoy dinner at a local Greek Tavern. One tavern that you cannot miss in Corfu is Taverna Elisabeth which is a family owned tavern in Doukades. The food here is delicious and they even give you fruit to enjoy at the end of your meal. 

Another tavern that offers a unique experience but is a bit of a drive is Taverna Kapilio, located in the mountain village of Sokraki. There is a very windy road to get to the village which takes you to an incredible viewpoint of Corfu right next to the tavern. It can get a little colder up there so make sure to bring layers!

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10. Canal D'Amour

Canal D'Amour

Canal D’Amour is a small beach cove between rock formations where you can swim through clear water. There are many different legends around this canal, with many around the idea that if you swim through it with your loved one you will be together forever.

Visiting Canal D’Amour is one of the best things to do in Corfu so it can get busy during the summer. We decided not to swim here since by the time we got there it was busy, so if you plan on swimming here make sure to arrive early. The views of the canal and the rocks were worth the quick stop!

11. Explore Kassiopi and Agios Stefanos (east)

Kassiopi Corfu Greece

There are several small villages on the northeast part of Corfu that are worth checking out. Kassiopi is a fishing village known for its Byzantine castle ruins. Agios Stefanos is another nice village with a few restaurants that are perfect for lunch. As these villages are on the east side of Corfu you will be able to see views of the mountains of Albania in the distance.

12. Taste Kumquat Liqueur

Corfu is known for its Kumquat Liqueur which you can try throughout the island. Make sure to stop by the local Mavromatis Distillery to taste and purchase different kumquat products including jam, candy, and liqueur. You can also learn more about the Kumquat Liqueur production at this distillery.

Remember to Bring These 5 Things on Your Corfu Vacation

  • Snorkel Gear: Make sure to bring your snorkel gear so explore Corfu under the sea. The water is so clear which makes it perfect for snorkeling. Save this snorkel tip: Reduce fog in your googles by washing them with baby shampoo.
  • Walking Sandals: Most of the picturesque beaches in Corfu are rocky so make sure to bring sandals for exploring the beach.
  • Travel Beach Towel: This is my go-to beach towel when I travel since it is light, compact, and dries quickly.
  • Dry Bag: This dry bag is great to have for the days where you plan on renting a boat so your valuables don’t get wet.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: Remember to bring a water bottle that can keep your water cold during the hot summer days in Corfu.

How Many Days Do You Need in Corfu

Klimatia Secluded Beach Corfu

I recommend spending at least four days in Corfu in order to see the most beautiful places on the island including Cape Drastis and Porto Timoni Beach. This will also allow you to have one day to rent a boat on the west coast of Corfu which is a must-do. We spent a week on Corfu which allowed us to have time to relax on the beach and rent a boat on both the east and west side of the island. If you are able to spend more time on Corfu then one week is the perfect amount of time to explore and relax on this breathtaking island.

How to Get to Corfu

Snorkel and Swim in Corfu

Flying is the preferred way to reach Corfu. Corfu has an international airport with direct flights from a number of European cities including London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Prague and more. There are also several flights from Athens to Corfu each day. 

If you are flying to Corfu from another greek island you will most likely need to connect in Athens before continuing to Corfu. A greek island that is great to combine with your Corfu trip is Kefalonia, which has a flight to Corfu with a quick stop in the nearby Aktion Airport (PVK) so you don’t have to fly all the way back to Athens.

How to Get Around Corfu

Corfu is a big island so the best way to get around is to rent a car. There are busses available but they can take a lot of time and won’t necessarily get you exactly where you are trying to go. It is important to note that rental cars in Corfu and other greek islands are usually manual. If the rental doesn’t specifically say “automatic” then you should assume the car is stick shift. Be careful driving in Corfu as the roads are very narrow and can get busy with motorbikes, four wheelers, and other cars.

We rented a car from a local company called Hermes Rent a Car and had a great experience. We made a reservation on their website and they got back to us quickly to confirm. When we arrived in Corfu there was a gentleman waiting for us outside of the airport with a sign that had our name on it. He quickly drove us nearby to the Hermes Rent a Car office where we signed the rental papers and got a nice, clean Fiat Panda to enjoy for our time in Corfu. 

Where to Stay in Corfu

Airbnb Corfu

Corfu is a bigger island that takes about 2 hours to drive from the north side to the southern point.  You can find a mix of traditional Greek villages in Corfu and popular resort towns. The north part of Corfu is the green, picturesque part of the island where you will want to spend most of your time.

We decided to stay in Agios Markos which is a greek village in the northeast of Corfu. It was quiet and had great views but still only about a 30 minute drive from many beautiful beaches and within 10 minutes to restaurants and cafes. Agios Markos is a great spot to base yourself to explore the northern part of Corfu. We stayed in this cottage in Agios Markos and had a wonderful stay. The view from the cottage was incredible and the host was very quick to answer any questions. It was nice to have our own private cottage to come back to and relax in the evenings and for a siesta. 

Another good location to stay in Corfu is Palaiokastritsa on the northwest side of Corfu which has some of the prettiest beaches in Corfu. I don’t recommend staying in Corfu Town unless you don’t plan on renting a car. The town can get busy and the accommodation prices can be higher. However, if you prefer to do organized day trips versus exploring the island on your own then Corfu Town would make sense to stay in as you can walk to restaurants, shops, and more.

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