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Getaway Compass

Travel guides created to inspire and enable people to use their time away from the office to explore the world.

The travel guides are perfectly curated for the working person, with weekend getaway itineraries and international itineraries that are less than two weeks (as we all know you don’t have months to travel). Since after a long day of work the last thing you want to do is plan a trip, these guides will get you started so you can have more time to relax after work and travel on weekends. National Parks in the US offer great weekend trips and a chance to spend more time outside. Follow the travel tips for ways to travel while working full time and how to maximize your time and budget to travel more. You don’t have to quit your job to travel!

About Me

in Cinque Terre
Us at Great Wall of China
Black Sand beach
White Sands New Mexico
Villa Ruflo View
Plitvice Lakes

Traveling is my passion. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to 35 countries and 34 US states and live in different countries and states. I have lived in Israel, Barcelona, Boston, Atlanta, Portland, Phoenix and SedonaWhen I was in college I interned for an airline and used my flight benefits to travel to incredible places. I learned a lot about airports and how to travel more efficiently with the 100 flights that I flew on during this time. Since I flew standby I didn’t know if my seat was confirmed until boarding and therefore had to plan trips very quickly. The information I used to determine if I wanted to visit the country and start to plan my trip is included in the quick guides and highlights slideshows you can find on the country pages.

 Five years ago I studied abroad in Barcelona for a summer where I met my boyfriend, Zack. He helps with the design of the website and has taken some of the photos. Since we met in Barcelona we have traveled to 14 countries, 15 states, and 22 US national parks together. We always take advantage of our weekends to travel to nearby cities and national parks.

Living in different places has allowed me to continue traveling while working full time, by exploring the area on weekends.  I also always use my vacation time and national holidays to travel. I love planning trips and inspiring people to travel, and I hope my guides will be useful and allow people to see that travel is accessible even with a full time job. Traveling can be a week, a weekend, or a day, so take advantage of the free time you have to explore, even if it’s your own backyard.

Happy Travels!

– Rey

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