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Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an exciting culture, varying landscapes, and incredible nature. On your trip you can explore volcanoes and rainforests or relax on the beach. Visit Manuel Antonio National Park to see moneys, sloths, and more.

Arenal Volcano
Lake Arenal
Monteverde Cloud Forest
Manuel Antonio National Park
Corcovado National Park
Drake Bay

Quick Guide


Most popular travel destinations have tour guides who speak English


Early fall (September-October) and late spring (April-May) offer good weather in most of the country and less crowds than the summer


Airbnb: There are many Airbnb options throughout Costa Rica that are priced well and offer more space than hotels.

Hotel: The best site for hotels in Costa Rica is In more remote areas like Drake Bay you may not find Airbnbs so is a great option.


Rental Car: Renting a car in Costa Rica can be expensive, but if you have limited time in the country it can help save time. You don’t have to rent a 4×4 car for most areas in the country, but a high clearance vehicle is recommended if you are going to Monteverde or other places with dirt roads. It is convenient to have a car in the more remote areas like La Fortuna and Monteverde so it is easier to get to hikes, attractions, and restaurants.

Public Transportation (Bus): If you are looking to save money, you can take the bus to get to most destinations in Costa Rica. It is recommended that you know some Spanish if you choose this option. You will need to choose from the many private companies that operate in Costa Rica.


Costa Rican Colon – View Conversion Rates

Voltage / Outlet Type

120V / 60 Hz, Plug type A, B
(Same as the United States)

Words to Know

Hi= Hola
Bye= Adios
Thank you= Gracias
Good morning= Buenos días 
Good night= Buenos noches
Beer = Cerveza
Wine = Vino
Bathroom= Baño

Stay connected

Wifi: Wifi is present at most hotels, Airbnbs, and restaurants

Sim Card: The most common networks are Kolbi, Movistar, and Claro. Kolbi is known to have the best reception, especially if you are traveling to more remote areas. You can purchase a prepaid sim card at supermarkets, technology stores, and network company stores.