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Ecuador has an exciting culture, varying landscapes, and beautiful nature. On your trip you can hike through the Amazon rainforest, volcanic mountains, or Quilotoa Crater. Spend time exploring the capital city of Quito by trying different food and walking around the city. Take a cruise in the Galapagos and see many endemic animals and unique islands. 

Amazon Rainforest
Galapagos Islands

Quick Guide


English is not widely spoken so it is important to at least know basic Spanish to get around


The weather in Ecuador largely varies depending on the location and the elevation. The weather in Quito is consistently cool because of the high elevation. The Amazon gets more rain December-May. In the Galapagos December- May are the warmest months and the waves are calmer.


Hotel / Guesthouse: The best site for hotels in Ecuador is Typically the cheaper hotels are small boutique hotels.

Hostel: You can find many cheap hostels throughout Ecuador. Look for hostels on or hostelworld. 


Bus: If you can speak basic Spanish, it is easy to get around Ecuador by bus. Big cities have main bus terminals with many destination options. The extensive bus network in Ecuador is also very cheap, so it is a great option to get around. Note that travel times typically take longer than expected since there can be many stops along the way. Check the times and routes at your hotel to get the most accurate and updates times.

Airplane: The main airlines that fly within Ecuador are Latam, Avianca, and TAME. One way flights are about $44 between major cities like Quito and Guayaquil. Flights to the Galapagos are more expensive, about $200-300 roundtrip. 


Voltage / Outlet Type

120V / 60 Hz, Plug type A, B
(Same as the United States)

Words to Know

Hi= Hola
Bye= Adios
Thank you= Gracias
Good morning= Buenos días 
Good night= Buenos noches
Beer = Cerveza
Wine = Vino
Bathroom= Baño

Stay connected

Wifi: Wifi is present at most hotels

Sim Card: The most common networks are Movistar, Claro, and CNT. You can find a store for these or a reseller in Quito and ask them to help you set it up.