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20 Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

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The holidays are just around the corner and it is the perfect time to buy gifts for your friends and family! Use this list of 20 gift ideas to find presents for the people in your life who love to travel. 

1. Flight Deal Alerts: Going

Anyone who loves to travel loves finding flight deals. Going offers different memberships to get flight alerts directly to your email. With our Going membership, we have booked roundtrip flights from the west coast to Italy and Greece in the $500s, Asia in the $400s, and Costa Rica in the $200s.

2. Southwest Gift Card

Encourage your friend to book that trip they have been dreaming of by surprising them with a Southwest gift cardSouthwest has flights to over 85 destinations including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Mexico which makes for the perfect winter getaway.

3. White Noise Device

Make a great trip even better with a good night of sleep. I bring this white noise device on every trip to help me fall asleep and stay asleep longer. The small size makes it great for travel and you can recharge the battery when needed. TIP: Don’t get woken up by the roosters in Kauai and instead stay asleep to the relaxing sound of a fan.

4. Travel Adapter

Avoid getting to your hotel and realizing that you can’t charge your phone because you don’t have the right plug adapter. This travel adapter has several different plug types that will help you get connected while traveling abroad. The travel adapter is for Australian, American, European and British plug types which cover over 150 countries around the world. If you forgot to research the plug type needed for your trip, odds are that this travel adapter will have the plug type that you need.

5. Handheld Luggage Scale

Overweight luggage fees? I don’t know them. Make sure your friend avoids paying overweight luggage fees by gifting them this handheld luggage scale. They can weigh the suitcase at home and remove (or add) things to make sure they are not above (or too far below) the maximum luggage weight allowance. They will never have to frantically pull items out of their suitcase at the airport again nor have the extra travel anxiety of not knowing if their bag is an acceptable weight.

6. Inflatable Neck Pillow

The secret to a great trip is sleeping whenever you can, which includes the flight and any other transportation. A must for sleeping on the plane is an inflatable neck pillow. This neck pillow can be inflated with a button, so you won’t lose your breath trying to inflate the pillow. The option to deflate the neck pillow makes it a perfect travel companion.

7. Travel Bag

The Peak Design Everyday Back Pack is a comfortable way to carry your valuables and photography gear while traveling. This weatherproof bag can fit a 15-inch laptop and has access from both the side and the top so you can easily find what you need. The zippers can be secured by looping the zipper through the external carry loops to help prevent theft. 

8. Gift Card

View From Hotel Escazu
Hotel in Escazu, Costa Rica

Nothing says you care for someone like gifting a hotel stay. Buy your friend a Gift Card that they can use on their next getaway. On you can find a range of hotels both in the United States and around the world.

9. Travel Wall Art

Travel Wall Art

Make your home feel like a travel destination with travel wall art. Select from a range of photographs of incredible nature destinations such as Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, and California. Browse the print shop here and find the perfect wall art for you or gift for your friend.

10. America the Beautiful Pass (Annual National Parks Pass)

Grand Prismatic Spring
Yellowstone National Park: Grand Pismatic Spring

The United States has incredible national parks, forests, and monuments. Help your friend explore these unique parks by giving them an America the Beautiful Pass. This interagency pass allows access to over 2,000 federal recreation sites including national parks and national monuments. Check out our National Park guides to plan your national park adventures.

11. Hiking Gear

Packing List Colorado Road Trip
Hiking at Island Lake in Colorado

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore nature destinations around the world including National Parks. Having the right hiking gear can ensure you have a great hike and can continue hiking the next day without blisters or back pain. Hiking gear gifts are useful and have a range of prices, making them the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel. If you are looking for a smaller gift you could get your friend a reusable water bottle or hiking socks. In the alternative, you can spend more on hiking boots or a hiking bag. Or if you want to give them the flexibility to choose, gift them an REI gift card that they can use to get top-quality hiking gear.

12. Portable Charger

A portable charger is a must for any trip. Use the portable charger during long flight days and always have a charged phone. This portable charger can charge three devices at the same time so if you gift this to your friend you know that you should be able to use it to charge your devices too. 

13. Luggage Tag

Never grab the wrong suitcase again and prevent someone from accidentally taking your suitcase. I have had a person ahead of me accidentally take my suitcase while deplaning and I had to catch up with him to get my suitcase back. Now I always make sure to add a luggage tag or other noticeable addition to the suitcase to differentiate it from all the other suitcases. Buy your friend a luggage tag to help them find their suitcase!

14. Suitcase

Traveling with a good suitcase can make a big difference. A light suitcase that is easy to organize is an ideal option to save time and be able to pack more.  My favorite suitcase brands are Samsonite and Away which have a range of carry-on and checked luggage. You can find a selection of Samsonite suitcases on Amazon.

15. Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb Monteverde
Airbnb in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Encourage your friend to stay at a unique place with an Airbnb Gift Card. Airbnbs are a great alternative to hotels as they offer a range of options and prices. On Airbnb you can find treehouses, castles, cabins, windmills, houseboats and many more unique accommodations.

16. Travel Towel

This travel towel is my go-to for any trip. It is light, drys quickly, and is super thin so it doesn’t take up much space in your luggage. The 24 colors that you can choose from make this a fun gift for friends and family. 

17. Waterproof Phone Case and Dry Bag

Iceland Kayak in Glacier Lagoon
Kayaking in a Glacier Lagoon in Iceland (with the waterproof phone case!)

A waterproof phone case that you can carry around your neck is helpful if you want to capture photos and videos during active experiences such as kayaking and zip lining. You can still use the touch capability through the case and take pictures while protecting your phone. Another helpful waterproof bag for your valuables is this dry bag which is perfect for keeping your valuables dry if you get caught in the rain or to use for water activities such as kayaking or a boat cruise.

18. Tripod for Camera

Don’t depend on the photography skills of strangers for photos of you in breathtaking places. Having a tripod on hand can ensure you get the picture you have been waiting for of you and your travel buddy. This Joby Compact Tripod is great for traveling since it is light and easy to carry.

19. Camera Drone

Camera Drone Photo
Photo in Iceland Taken on DJI Mini 3 Pro

A camera drone lets you see places from different perspectives and take incredible photos and videos. You can also use the drone as your personal photographer. I love the DJI Mini 3 Pro which is only 249 grams and is foldable which makes it easy to travel with. The drone is a great gift for your significant other since they will prefer taking pictures and videos if they get to fly the drone.

20. Mirrorless Camera

Island Lake Colorado Road Trip
Picture Taken with Sony A7RIII Mirrorless Camera
The Windward Side of Oahu
Picture Taken with Sony A7RIII Mirrorless Camera

Remember all your incredible travels by capturing moments with a mirrorless camera. Since the photo quality using this camera is high, you can get your photographs printed on large canvas prints to decorate your home. I have been using the Sony A7RIII Mirrorless Camera for all my travels in the last couple of years and I love it. My favorite lens is the Tamron 28-75 mm F/2.8 lens which is light and easy to travel with but still has a good zoom range.

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