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Guide to Oregon Wine Country: Willamette Valley

Elk Cove Vineyard

Visit Willamette Valley, Oregon Wine Country, for a relaxing and delicious wine filled day! Oregon is best known for their Pinot Noir, my favorite. Many of the vineyards are family owned, and you can even get to meet the owners at some and have a chance to learn more about different wines and wine making. The views are all extraordinary and since the vineyards are less touristy than Napa, you get to enjoy them without crowds.

How to Get Around Willamette Valley Wine Country

You have a few options to get around Willamette Valley. You can drive on your own and taste a little, which is definitely the easiest option. You can take Uber or Lyft, as there are many vineyards as close as 30 minutes from downtown Portland. If you have a big group a great option would be to book an organized wine tour which would include your transportation.

Recommended Vineyards

Elk Cove

Elk Cove2
Oregon Vineyard

Family owned vineyard with beautiful views about 45 minutes from downtown Portland. The tasting room is open 10 am to 5 pm and costs $15 for a tasting flight.

Willakenzie Estate

Willakenzie estate

Beautiful vineyard 45 minutes from downtown Portland.

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