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Hawaii is a collection of eight main islands (six of which can be visited), each unique in its own way. Visit Maui for the breathtaking Road to Hana which takes you to incredible sights including a bamboo forest, a black sand beach, and a red sand beach. Oahu features the city of Honolulu with the busy Wakiki Beach, Diamond Head, and many waterfall hikes. Explore Kauai where you can see the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, fly over the island, and find beautiful hidden beaches. Hawaii is ideal for both relaxing and exploring, with incredible beaches and breathtaking hikes. With many direct flights from the west coast, Hawaii is the perfect destination for a long weekend or week long trip!


Haelakala National park

Haleakala National Park Guide

Haleakala National Park in Maui, Hawaii is composed of Haleakala Crater at the Summit District and the Kīpahulu District on the eastern coast. These districts are very different while both offering incredible views and experiences. Fee: $25 valid for 3

Kapalua Beach

7 Best Secluded Beaches in Maui

Maui has so many incredible beaches ranging from soft sand beaches to breathtaking red and black sand beaches. I am always looking for the most unique secluded beaches so I can relax with a breathtaking view. After checking out many