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Italy has an exciting culture, varying landscapes, and an intriguing history. On your trip you can hike along oceanside cliffs, go wine tasting in Tuscany, or walk the streets of ancient Rome and indulge in delicious foods. Italy has so much to offer for every traveler with its beautiful nature and historic cities.  And besides, who can say no to eating pizza or pasta for every meal?

Cinque Terre
Amalfi Coast
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Quick Guide


English widely spoken in the main cities, but not much English in the countryside

Voltage / Outlet Type

230V / 50 Hz, Plug type C, F, L
(Common for Europe)

Words to Know

Hi= Ciao
Bye= Ciao or Arrivederci
Thank you= Grazie
Good morning/afternoon= Buongiorno
Good night= Buonanotte
Beer = Birra
Wine = Vino
Bathroom= Bagno
(Note: “c” in Italian is pronounced like “ch” in English, and “ch” in Italian is pronounced like “C” in English)

Stay connected

Wifi is present at most hotels, Airbnbs, and restaurants

Purchase an eSIM on Airalo to get connected the second you land in Italy.



Early fall (September-October) and late spring (April-May) offer good weather in most of the country and less crowds than the summer


Private Transfer, Bus or Ferry: You can search for routes and book your transportation around Italy with Bookaway.

Train: The main companies are Trenitalia and Italo. This is the best option if you are planning to visit the big cities. The train stations are usually more central than the airports.

Rental Car: This is the preferred option if you are planning to see more of the countryside. Many roads in the countryside are narrow and winding. Also, an automatic car can cost more than twice as much as a manual car, so opt for a manual car if you can.

Airplane: The main airlines that fly within the country are Alitalia, Air Italy, Ryanair, and Easyjet. This isn’t a great option because the airports are usually further out from the cities, the airlines often charge for bags, and it is usually more expensive than the trains.


Airbnb: A great option in Italy, often cheaper than hotels and there are a lot of options ranging from bedrooms to apartments to houses.

Hotel: The best site for hotels in Italy is Hotels are usually more expensive than Airbnbs in Italy.

Hostel: You can find many cheap hostels in the cities. Look for hostels on or hostelworld. Note that if you are more than 2 people you might be able to find cheaper Airbnbs than the cost of the hostel for your group.