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Two Days in Amalfi Coast Itinerary

(On a Budget)

Positano View

The Amalfi Coast is an incredible coastline in Italy with unique towns, great food, and even better views. It is possible to visit the Amalfi Coast on a budget and get a good taste in just 2 days. There are so many incredible towns on the Amalfi Coast, but their small size allows you to easily explore a lot of them in a short amount of time. Follow this guide for the perfect 2 day Amalfi Coast itinerary. 

Amalfi Coast 2-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Hike the Path of the Gods, Explore Positano
Day 2: Visit Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, and Vietri Su Mare

How to Get to the Amalfi Coast

By Public Transportation
You can take Trenitalia from Rome to Naples and then another train from Naples to Sorrento. After you get to Sorrento you can take the SITA bus to most towns on the Amalfi coast. Note that the SITA busses can get very crowded.

By Car
Driving on the Amalfi Coast can be scary because the roads are narrow and crowded and there are many large busses that take up both lanes. If you feel confident driving here then it would be the more convenient option, as long as your accommodation has parking included (parking in the Amalfi Coast can get very expensive). The drive from Rome to Sorrento is about 3.5 hours.

How to Get Around the Amalfi Coast

By Bus
The SITA bus runs along the Amalfi coast from Sorrento to Salerno, stopping in different towns in between. There are busses that also go up the hills to towns like Bomerano. The busses get extremely crowded and often many people are left standing. The roads are windy so it is not a fun ride if you are standing. To get the scheduled bus times you can find a tourist information center, although the busses usually do not run on time. If you are trying to save money the bus can be a good option during your two days in the Amalfi Coast.

By Car
If you can brave the narrow windy roads with large busses, then driving the coast and stopping in different towns is the way to go. This allows more flexibility and saves you A LOT of time since the busses are rarely on time and are usually very crowded and slow. You should rent a car in Rome, Naples, or another city before you get to the Amalfi Coast because renting a car in the Amalfi Coast is extremely expensive. You can usually find a manual car in a bigger Italian city for less than 200 euro for a whole week. Parking in the towns in the Amalfi Coast can be expensive, but since the towns are very small you most likely won’t spend more than an hour in each town. Exploring the Amalfi Coast by car will allow you to see more because you don’t have to wait on the busses.

Note: The busses usually take up the lanes going in both directions as they are going around a curve and honk to let the cars know they are coming. Make sure you are listening!

Travel Medical Insurance for Amalfi

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Where to Stay During 2 Days in Amalfi Coast

You can find many Airbnbs in Amalfi Coast that are significantly cheaper than hotels. If you are on a budget, book your Airbnb in one of the lesser known smaller towns (not Positano or Amalfi). I would recommend staying in Bomerano which is where the popular Path of the Gods hike starts. The food options here are significantly cheaper (5 euro for a huge pizza) and the accommodations are affordable and often include parking. Other smaller towns that could have cheaper accommodations options are Praiano, Vietri Su Mare, and Ravello.

Another option is staying on either side of the Amalfi Coast: either in Sorrento or Salerno. The accommodations here will be a lot cheaper than the small towns on the Amalfi Coast which is perfect if you are on a budget, with Salerno being the cheapest. The disadvantage is that it will take you longer to get to the towns along the Amalfi Coast.

Where to Eat on the Amalfi Coast (On a Budget)

As you might expect, the restaurants in Positano are very expensive. If you want to save money, try to eat in the less popular towns like Atrani or Bomerano. The food here is a lot cheaper and still delicious. Note that in some of the towns like Vietri Su Mare many restaurants don’t offer food during certain hours, typically between 3 and 6. If you are really hungry during this time, there is always gelato.

Day 1: Hike the Path of the Gods and Explore Positano

Hike the Path of the Gods

Potentially the most beautiful hike you will ever experience, the Path of the Gods takes you along the cliffs from Bomerano to Nocelle. Make sure you hike from Bomerano to Nocelle and not the other way around, or you and your legs will suffer. The views are incredible along the entire way: First you see cliffside vineyards, followed by Praiano from above, huge cliffs, and finally Positano from many perspectives. Make sure you continue the trail all the way to Positano in order to experience more amazing views. This last part of the trail is usually the most quiet because the trail technically ends in Nocelle and many people take the bus the rest of the way to Positano. 

Follow the Path of the Gods guide for tips, where you can find the trailhead, and what to bring with you. This hike will be the highlight of your 2 days in the Amalfi Coast

Explore Positano

Positano View

You just hiked a long way to get here, so spend the rest of your first day in the Amalfi Coast enjoying Positano. Note that all of the restaurants here are pricier, so go for the cheapest entree to save money. Positano is beautiful but it can get very crowded, especially at the beach and the boutiques near the beach. If you want to get away from the crowds, climb up the stairs to the opposite side of the town from where you hiked to (towards Sorrento). Here you will get a different perspective of Positano and take a relaxing walk with views of lemon trees, the beach, and the colorful houses.

Note (if you are staying in Bomerano): There is no direct bus back from Positano to Bomerano. You will need to take a bus to Amalfi and then another bus from Amalfi to Bomerano.

Day 2: Visit Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, and Vietri Su Mare

Walk Around Amalfi

Amalfi View Far

On your second day of your 2 day Amalfi Coast itinerary, road trip down the Amalfi Coast from Amalfi to Vietri Su Mare. If you want to see several of the towns in two days you have to get up early before it gets crowded and traffic starts. The Amalfi Coast doesn’t get busy until around 10:00 AM, which gives you plenty of time bright and early to explore before the crowds arrive. Amalfi is one of the bigger towns, featuring pastel colored houses, restaurants, and shops. If you want to see this view in the picture above, climb up the many stairs on the east side of the town until you get tired. The people who live higher up in the town must be in great shape with all those stairs.

Parking: Luna Rossa is a good parking option. Located between Atrani and Amalfi, it has a tunnel that you can walk through to get to Amalfi. They require all passengers to wait for the driver to park, so don’t be surprised when they ask everyone but the driver to get out of the car before entering the parking.

By Bus: There is a direct SITA bus from Bomerano to Amalfi

Relax in Atrani

Atrani View

Atrani is a short 10 minutes walk from Amalfi which makes it an easy town to visit during your 2 days in the Amalfi Coast. This town is very similar to Amalfi but a lot smaller, and you can quickly get lost through the little streets, find your way back to your car, and drive off to the next town! Atrani is a little cheaper than Amalfi, so if you are seeing the Amalfi Coast on a budget, this would be a better spot to get breakfast or lunch.

Enjoy Amazing Views in Ravello

Ravello is another town you must visit during your two days in the Amalfi Coast. Ravello is a town higher up in the mountains with spectacular views. The atmosphere here is a lot more relaxing and less crowded than most of the towns down along the coast. While in Ravello you should explore Villa Rufolo, a beautiful villa with the best views in Ravello. 

Admire Ceramics in Vietri Su Mare

Vietri Su Mare

Known for its ceramics, Vietri Su Mare is a beautiful town to explore with ceramic walls and lots of little ceramic shops. This town is less crowded than some of the others and it is nice to walk around and admire the ceramics. This town is definitely worth a stop during your 2 days exploring the Amalfi Coast.

Cruise the Amalfi Coast

Sail Amalfi Coast

If you can allow yourself to spend a little more money during your two days in the Amalfi Coast, a cruise along the Amalfi Coast is an incredible experience! A boat rental in Positano can cost you hundreds of dollars, so instead book an experience on Airbnb for a cruise along the Amalfi Coast. =

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